Not just another smart box.

Found yourself in a remote location and run out of GB? No problem! With On the Go Network you can have your whole office with you in just one compact trolley.

Though case, expandable, smart, just plug in and turn it on!

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Usefull features.

Powerfull WiFi with 4G or WAN connection options. Mini PC, rechargeable station, usb/printer network feature.

Just plug in your USB drive or your printer and transform it into a hard disk/printer over the network!

Manage your On the go Network.

With one App you can manage your router, miniPC without limits.


Two different sizes.

On the Go Network is available in two different levels, Entry and Charged.

Entry level offers all the functions enabled except for the the miniPC and the auto-sync with your GSuite account.

Charged level offers all functions, the miniPC and the auto-sync with your GSuite account included.

Compatible with your favourite device.

No matter if you are using a PC or a smartphone, On the Go Network is an independent platform!


Public or private connection

4G / WAN

You can have the 4G Sim inside or just plug your ethernet cable into the WAN plug.

ARM Architecture Based

Powerfull CPU with low energy consumption.

Storage Up Tto 1TB

You can decide to use internal or external storage, it’s up to you!

GSuite Ready

You can have all the files synched with your GSuite* account

USB Recharge Station

You can attach up to 5 devices simultaneously that need a super charge!

Walky Talky Storage

You can store in one box all staff Walky Talkies

Print Over The Network

Just plug your USB printer and it becames available to the entire network

LAN Connection

If you need, you can attach up to 7 LAN devices on the Gigabit network

Technical characteristics.










Depend on the model

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