Next generation Motorsport management

What is IAME Motorsport System

The purpose of IAME Motorsport System is to help and ease the registration of members for all events related to Motorsport. With the use of the service, the Events Promoters can monitor and advertise their activities.
The advantages that I.M.S. offers to the members are plenty. They range from the general management of the events to the customization of individual products.
Other advantages relate to the optimization of payments, discharging completely the Organization from the billing control.

Unique Features


Online payment is made at the time of the purchase. The User knows exactly the amount he spends and what services he is receiving.

Automatic Billing

The service automatically generates bills related to payments for services or products. The choice is up to the organization.

Automatic Mailing

The system is set up to generate automatic communication via e-mail, after successful registration. The Organization of the event can manage the information of the automatic mail and choose which information to automatically integrate

Import / Export Data

You can integrate and export the data related to the whole system in formats compatible with the most common management systems (csv format)

Sales Products Customization

After the registration to an event, the Organizer can add additional products and services. Offer the Customers better prices or pre-sales of new items directly at registration. Payment and billing will be contextual.

Custom Registration

Each User has the opportunity to register based on his role at the event. Each role option can be customized according to the needs of the organization.

Simultaneous Traffic Management

Limit the traffic flow to ensure constant service operation. Waiting times and malfunctions due to system overload are avoided.

Scheduling Events Campaigns

It is possible to establish the opening and closing of the recordings for each single event, planning the schedule well in advance.

Statistics And Visits

Learning tools are available for monitoring the events. The creation of statistical data helps and improves the planning of future Users.