World Karting Association

Since 1971, the World Karting Association has provided a venue for racers to enjoy all aspects of Karting in the USA. Providing regulations, instruction and venues for fair and safe karting competition in the USA, WKA has a place for everyone in karting. Whether you want the pure thrill of speed and the competition of racing, or the atmosphere of family and friends, or the ethics of learning to work karting events, WKA and karting are for you!

When it’s time to plunge into racing, WKA can help. Don’t ever think you have to race on a national scale to enjoy kart racing; although that is certainly available to the seasoned Karter. Many Karters are thrilled to maintain their Karting passion solely at their local track. Aside from racing, kart tracks have been known to host community events for the whole family to enjoy, and maybe a race that day as well. Racing is one important element of the sport, and WKA has opportunities for drivers to compete at many levels…local, regional, national, or international.


• Pro IAME J
• Pro Leopard S
• Pro X30 S
• Sportsman