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IAME is the “Heart” of Kart. We manufacture high quality, reliable racing engines with consistent performance. We offer our customers the best products, service and driving experience available on the market. We fuel the passion through a worldwide racing program, promoting Karting events with top quality equipment.

The Heart Of Kart

A great man’s dream, to allow any enthusiast to compete in Motorsport, became a reality with the birth of IAME in 1968. Paving a star-studded path with over 50 World Titles and manufacturing over six thousand engines a year, IAME is the world leader in Karting engines. After attaining nearly 50 years of history, 55 employees, over 30 models of engines from 60cc to 175cc and a worldwide network, IAME is undoubtedly the most renowned and trusted brand in its field. Motorsports’ most famous drivers began their careers in Karting, and IAME is the brand that led them to success.

IAME is dynamic and flexible, offering modern products and superb service.

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Komet Racing Tyres

The Perfect Kart Tyres

Performance at the highest level! Advanced technologies, top quality materials, track tested durability, proved constancy for the ultimate Kart Racing tyres. Komet Racing Tyres manufactures the perfect Karting tyres and provides a full range to cover any Karting class. The production avails of the latest engineering technology and employs materials of the highest quality to guarantee equal performances and complete customer satisfaction. KOMET Racing Tyres are adopted worldwide in national and international stock class championships as well as diffused in the demanding hobby drivers market.




The X30 is a concept IAME started developing in 2005, with the launch of the X30 125cc engine on the French market. From those days to nowadays the X30 project has grown to an unimaginable magnitude. Beside a full engines range destined to stock class series, the X30 is now a full racing program with more than 25 countries running an X30 Challenge, either at Federative or at private level. With a class structure covering all ages from 8 years old, 6 different engine models in the range, two International events and several continental events, the X30 World is one of the most diffused and successful Racing concepts in the Karting scenario. Thanks to stable and strong regulations and a standard model adopted by each country racing an X30 series, the X30 World is a globally diffused project that guarantees success to all organizers and national Federations. The stability in the engines production, only minor changes applied to the engines from year to year, and the possibility to race any chassis brand, are the keys of the success of the IAME concept. Last but not least, the prize pool IAME provides to each X30 Challenge and each X30 main event contribute to complete a very satisfactory offer.




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