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IAME - History

The History

Mr. Bruno Grana, who served as CEO and President until 2005, founded IAME in 1968. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to show interest in Karting. In the early ‘60s Mr. Grana, while working for Moto Parilla, witnessed the growth of Karting in the United States, and convinced the Parilla family to enter the market, initially exporting to the USA and soon thereafter to the rest of the world. This venture led Bruno Grana to form his own company, called Komet, and to later acquire the Parilla Karting brand. IAME was created from the merger of these two trademarks, and quickly became the industry leader. The first engines featured a rotary valve admission system and forced-air cooling.  In the ’70s the technology rapidly evolved as the sport spread globally and IAME acquired the BM and Sirio brands. Engine design soon adopted free-flow air-cooling, followed by reed-valve admission in the ‘90s.  The first innovative water-cooled engines were delivered in 2000. In 2010, IAME designed its first 6-speed shifter engine to expand its’ product offering, and extend coverage to all Karting classes. IAME’s proven leadership is chronicled by many World Titles, innumerable European and International Titles, as well as a long list of great champions that have achieved victory aboard a IAME engine.


IAME founder Bruno Grana with 5 times World Champion Francois Goldstein


Bruno Grana quits Moto Parilla and forms IAME, merging the brands KOMET and Parilla.


Mike Wilson wins his first World Championship on the Parma Circuit on a KOMET K29.


Fernando Alonso wins the 5 Continents Cup on a IAME/Parilla PV95.


The X30 125cc engine is introduced, soon becoming one of the most successful engines in the history of the Company.


IAME introduces its first ever shifter engine, leading Bas Lammers to victory in the 2012 CIK/FIA World Cup KZ1.

IAME - History


Many famous champions, who made history in Motorsport, began their careers as young Karting drivers. IAME has proudly led Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Jarno Trulli, Riccardo Patrese, Alex Zanardi, Jan Magnussen, among others, to achieve enormous success as F1 Drivers. Others, such as Mike Wilson, Francois Goldstein, Terry Fullerton, Nick De Vries, Peter De Bruijn, Jorn Haase, became true legends of Karting. Each bound by an unwavering passion, a belief that Karting is the best training for Motorsport and, above all, a IAME engine.