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The Puma 64cc engine was specifically designed to meet the needs of the RFDEA (Spanish Federation) for the Alevin class. It was designed in a slightly bigger displacement to offer enhanced performance and reliability to the demanding Spanish Championship class.


Data sheet

Technical information

model: Puma 64cc Alevin
description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
class: RFEDA – Alevin
bore: Ø 41,80mm
max bore: Ø 42,08mm
stroke: 46,00mm
displacement: 63,12cc
ports: 2
inlet system: Piston Port
lubrication: Oil mixture
ignition system: Analogic
transmission: Centrifugal Dry Clutch
cooling system: Air
balancer shaft: 
starter: Electric
carb. model: Tillotson HL352A (16,00mm)
max power: 7,5 Hp
max torque: 5,6 Nm
max rpm limit: 13.500 RPM